Welcome to the new Daemoness guitars website. For too many years I have been running the worlds most hardcore metal guitar custom shop via Facebook – a social media website designed by the CIA for teenage girls – but no more. I’m really excited about the future, and using this site as a proper platform for people to find out more about Daemoness. There will be far more content on this website, the content will be illustrated in a lot more detail, and it will be a lot more regular. I will still be maintaining a strong presence within social media, but the REAL Daemoness content will be added here. Over the next few months we will be adding an entire phalanx of guitars straight from hell. There will be new custom options involving new technologies, and later this year – even more new merchandise and t-shirt designs so that you can represent Daemoness even if you are waiting, saving, or just dreaming about a custom build. This year I will be adding new sections to the site when they are ready, and also producing a new video about what we do at the Daemoness workshop.

So… my thanks for all the incredible support from all the metal guitarists and metal fans who have supported Daemoness since its humble beginnings. Your support has made Daemoness what it is today, your investment has made the workshop strong and capable, and your belief has been inspiring. I will always keep Daemoness strong, independent and hardcore in your name.

Watch this space.