“No other guitar I have ever played sounds as good as my Sephiroth Cimmerian. Few come close, but ultimately none can compare to what I honestly feel is the pinnacle of modern guitar design. Totally unrestricted playability and unworldly, tone united with a beautiful and more importantly, functional design and attention to detail which leaves me in awe every time I hold it. It has become the sole irreplaceable instrument in my collection, it is part of my being. Dylan is a true artisan of his craft and one of the most intensely passionate human beings I have ever had the pleasure to meet. The process of designing and watching Dylan realise this instrument was an experience I would highly recommend to any person looking to acquire a truly inspirational instrument of the highest calibre.”

Sam Cottam, Portugal

“Daemoness guitars. These are the true instruments of the apocalypse. Covering the tonal range from angelic to demonic and all the points in between. The build quality is second to none. You can recognize instantly the master craftsmanship woven into these weapons, as they transcend the mere definition of what a metal guitar is – they are possessed in all the right ways.”

Sean Anders, USA

lightning splits the wood

night’s dawn carving blood grooves

– transfiguration

Neil Russell, Scotland

I’ve followed Dylan’s work for a long time, and I and constantly amazed by his artistic abilities and general creativity. When I received my Cimmerian I knew that it was going to be an incredible looking instrument. What I was most impressed with were the details that you can’t see in pictures–I’ll call them the foundations of a high-quality guitar: things like fretwork, fit & finish, etc. I am very particular about these types of things, and it is obvious now after owning a Daemoness that Dylan firstly builds a great playing and sounding guitar. All of the aesthetic additions (finish, inlays, etc.) are what takes his already technically excellent instruments to another dimension.

Plugged in the guitar is an absolute beast. I’ve never owned a guitar that squeals out pinch harmonics like this one. It makes me chuckle to myself every time I plug it in. The sustain is incredible, and it is very well balanced all the way up and down the fretboard. I was kind of expecting this metal machine to spontaneously combust when I played some clean jazz noodles on it, but not only did I not catch fire, it actually sounded great. In my opinion, the best compliment I can give to this guitar is that it already feels like I have owned it for many years. It just feels “right”.

Kenan Kuntsal, USA

My Daemoness Cimmerian blew me away when I first received it. Exceptional build quality and attention to detail makes this guitar stand apart from the crowd. Constructed from top quality materials the guitar plays like a dream and sounds amazing. The Daemoness ‘Flatbacker’ neck profile is a joy to play on, the amazing satin finish and flawless fretwork makes for effortless shredding and cutting edge metal playing. The guitar is very responsive with great attack, awesome crunch and searing lead tones all with amazing clarity. As a guitarist of 30+ years my Daemoness inspires me every time I
play it and I feel it will certainly take my playing to the next level!

Paul Crooks, Northern Ireland

Dylan’s guitars are true works of art and could, quite comfortably, hang in a gallery. I seem to spend half of my life playing the Daemoness, and the other half ogling it. Dylan immersed himself in the ideas I came to him with and insured that they were perfectly represented in the guitar. Constant discussion through the build process ensured that tweaks and alterations were made to ensure every detail of the guitar fitted together flawlessly.

In addition to the stunning appearance, the guitar plays excellently and sounds huge! The setup is impeccable and it maintains tuning brilliantly. I could not be happier with my guitar, and would, without doubt, recommend Daemoness to anyone; they are well worth the wait!

Harrison Bone, England

“When I first started buying and playing high end, top-tier electric guitars; I noticed something. Just because a guitar looks amazing, does not mean it plays as such. On the same note, some of the greatest guitars ive played were ones that werent necessarily “high end” intruments.

The moral of the story is that the best guitar is one that helps you create music. You connect with it, it becomes a part of you. This is what I felt the first time i picked up and plugged in my Cimmerian. I immediately started playing things I wouldnt normally play. I was playing faster, more precisely, and I was just more focused overall. The attention to detail on the instrument itself is somethintg I simply have never experienced before.

Dylan has single-handedly created, in my opinion, the BEST metal guitars in the world. I’m already making plans for my next order, after only having the guitar for a matter of days. I’m really looking forward to working with Dylan again in the future. If you are reading this then you are probably considering buying one of these guitars. Do yourself a favor and put a deposit in asap, you wont regret it.”

Kenny Gerbick, USA

“I’ve been through the custom shop build process with several of the big name guitar companies, and none of them provided the experience, both from a customer service perspective and a quality perspective, that Dylan did. In the end, the guitar I received wildly exceed even the highest of my expectations. Dylan is not just a luthier and artist: he is a true master of his work.”

Corey Eickenloff, USA

“You sir, fucking nailed it. I am still quite blown away. The guitar is everything I wanted and quite possibly more.”

Amit Plaschkes, Israel