I do not want to re-write the rulebook on what the ultimate Metal guitar is. Before I started training, I had seen luthiers try to inject too much of their own identity into the fundamental design of their builds, making highly individual and distinctive instruments, but ones that ultimately lost focus on what it is that people want to play. I think that the ultimate Metal guitar has been with us all along, and has grown organically from within the scene. Good designs have soared, and poor designs have fallen. Natural selection has made the end result strong. For me, the superstrat and flying V define the spirit of Metal. The guitars I make simply comprise the best elements of thirty years of Metal guitar, sealed together using the structural concepts of medieval gothic art, renaissance era ideals of balance, and the aesthetics, precision, and technical possibilities of modern luthiery. I love and respect this school of building too much to ever tinker with it towards selfish or egotistical ends.

I started making my first electric guitars under the name Daemoness in late 2007. Three years previously, I had joined Tom Waghorn’s workshop in Bristol as an apprentice luthier. Throughout this time I was also heavily involved in repairing and setting up guitars that came through the workshop. This gave me an insight into the true nature of how the instruments work and perform. At that stage Tom was already one of the top luthiers in the country, known for his acoustics and electrics. As I was a massive Metal fan, it was very natural for me to start making solid body electrics. Under Tom’s tutelage, I gained the confidence and skill to make a whole guitar from start to finish. Tom’s teaching was of such quality, and his standards so high, that even my first builds could outperform many high-end, big brand guitars. I started making custom guitars for local players and the reputation of my work spread through word of mouth, and eventually online. Even though I had finished my studies by 2008, Tom and I enjoyed working together and I stayed in his workshop until 2011, when the sheer volume of orders demanded that I set up my own workshop. Things have gone from strength to strength since this happened.

I have been studying drawing, painting, and the ways of making images since I was a child. I like to integrate my artwork into my guitars, through inlays or custom graphics.  My artwork explores the human condition, the story of mankind, the body, death, power, war, religion, civilisation, the apocalypse, and eternity. I use the Roman Empire as a prism to break down and examine the struggle between order and chaos. I am an atheist, but I am inspired by the story of early christianity, the occult, and the older gods of ancient history. I have recently refocused some of my work onto the current global strategic situation for the first time since the turn of the century as mankind goes into an age of great uncertainty.

I feel that we have only just reached the end of the beginning, and that the great body of our work lies ahead of us. I am developing the structure of Daemoness to deal with growing demand without compromising on quality.

I have met so many incredible people from all around the world in recent years and I am very excited about discussing new projects and getting more custom built Daemoness Guitars into players’ hands. Making Metal guitars is an absolute joy and a passion for me. I consider Metal’s message to be one of the greatest philosophical achievements of Western civilisation and it is the greatest honour of my life to be given the opportunity to serve it in this way.

Dylan Humphries



“Owning a Daemoness has shown me what I should really expect from a solidly built instrument and simply blows every other instrument I’ve owned before out of the water. From the jaw-dropping tone and harmonic clarity, that lets each chord ring out with distinctive character across the entire fretboard, to the visually stunning design and finishing work that sets it apart from other guitars. It plays like a mature, professional guitar with consistently brilliant tone, but challenges me to better myself as a player. Each one of Dylan’s instruments are much more than just a commission, they are built with the skill, passion and dedication one can only expect from a true craftsman and artist.”

Andrew Helps, England

“After spending years playing guitars from almost all the major Guitar companies and never been satisfied with their products I decided to order a custom guitar. From all the companies available on that time Daemoness Guitars was my choice, and a good choice it was. Dylan´s drawing, luthier skills, attention to details and his availability to stay in touch with his costumers are amazing! The guitar he had built for me is still my main axe to record an to play live!”

Fabio Silva, Portugal

“In themselves they are works of art before you’ve even heard or played one. To play, they are effortless and they sound fantastic. Touring with my Daemoness has been an absolute pleasure. Superb build quality, great feel, awesome sound, and the artwork and inlays are unmatched by any luthier I’ve ever come across. The thing that sets Daemoness apart from other guitar manufacturers is Dylan’s passion and pride in his work. Each guitar has its own theme and personality. These are not your average high-spec guitars. They are handmade meticulously to your every last detailed desire. In every aspect, these really are the ultimate metal guitars.”

Andy Gillion, England

“From our initial emails right through to delivery, Dylan and Daemoness Guitars surpassed all my expectations when it came to a custom build. These guitars have a build quality, individuality and personality that is second to none. Would I wait in the queue for my second? The answer is ABSOLUTELY!”

David Nemeth, Australia

“My Daemoness (Slimer) is just one of the best guitars I’ve ever played. It’s incredibly well built. I ordered this guitar pretty much blind and it keeps grinning every time I play it. It became the best guitar I own.”

Gep Henneberke, Holland

‘I’ve never met anyone who truly loves what they do more than Dylan, it’s this and his meticulous attention to detail that really set Daemoness guitars apart from anything else. There’s something really special about a guitar completely handcrafted by a true craftsman and artist resulting in the best looking, feeling, playing and sounding guitars I’ve ever had the good fortune to play! The downside………..you can’t stop at just one…………Can you?’

Jamie Hall, England

“From the very first moment I played my Dæmoness, I was blown away! It’s such a rich- and full-sounding guitar and an absolute joy to play. Notes have a nice bite to them and sustain forever, and the guitar has this unreal responsiveness that allows me to really connect to it and feel what I’m playing – it really is alive and breathing! Furthermore, the guitar’s looks are out of this world; delicate and finely detailed in it’s construction, yet with the natural woods providing a really sweet wildness to it’s appearance, the beauty of this guitar is like that of nature itself!”

Andreas Hauschild, Denmark

“I’ve owned a fair share of guitars in the past, and no guitar has been as consistent as my Daemoness ‘Singularity’ 7. Gorgeous looks and intricate inlay design aside, this guitar is a beast. Most of my other guitars are very sensitive to the erratic Indian climate and require frequent setups but the Daemoness seems to be unaffected by petty things like temperature and humidity change hence delivering it’s rifftastic-epicness all through the year. The guitar sounds monstrous, which is a result of carefully chosen timbers and hardware components. This guitar isn’t your run off the mill ‘custom’ guitar; this guitar is personal – it fits like a glove because it was crafted to! Dylan is a great luthier and I’m extremely grateful to be part of the Daemoness family.”

Shreyas Skandan, India

“The craftsmanship found on my Daemoness Jesus of Nazareth Cimmerian is second to none. I’ve a number of Gibsons which this blows out of the water. As for the artwork, need I say anything … Dylan is an absolute genius… The action is like nothing else and the sound is perfect, the ultimate metal guitar!”

Richard Proudfoot, England

“Dylan’s creations are the pinnacle of hand crafted custom guitars. He serves customers from around the globe in a unique and professional manner whether they are in the US , South Africa or Australia. He has a special way of uniting with your vision of your perfect metal guitar , optimising it and bringing it to life. During the build Dylan keeps you up to date on every process and detail allowing for your personal input at any time. His mission to serve metal guitarists custom guitars at reasonable prices is a true testament to his passion for his craft. Upon receiving my left handed Hadian , I was absolutely blown away at the detailing, art work, quality, tone & shredability of the axe all of which were second to none.  A Daemoness is not just a custom guitar , it’s a work of art, a physical embodiment of all things metal and a privilege to own . Once you go Daemoness there’s no going back trust me I’ve just placed a deposit for my second one…”

Scott Zambonini, South Africa

“From the start of the custom process I had a great feeling my guitar would turn out exactly how I wanted it to be. Dylan takes on board every aspect you could possibly want out of an axe and takes it to the next level. In the end my guitar plays phenomenally and looks fantastic but most of all, the guitar sounds incredible!!! Could not be happier and can’t recommend Daemoness guitars enough.”

Tom Browning, England

“A Daemoness is a guitar, but it is also a companion. I feel more connected to my Daemoness than to any other guitar I have ever played because of the degree to which Dylan was able to craft an instrument to match and improve upon exactly what I had pictured in my head, resulting in a work of art that just so happens to be the best guitar I own. If you are in the market for a heavy metal guitar and want your artistic ideas expressed by a true master, Daemoness and Dylan Humphries will deliver unfailingly.”

Max Gorelick, USA