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DAEMONESS VIDEO LOG TRAILER is up!!! Get ready for more Metal luthiery, Metal playing, Metal guitar technology, and savage Metal bands than you can handle – starting on the 5th of January. Subscribe to the YouTube channel at www.youtube.com/daemonessguitars Please like and share this trailer and post it around the place, that would really help … Read More


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The Chronicler is the Daemoness single cut model. Much like the classic, yet with features that make it perform like a metal guitar, through and through. More info soon…

The Daemoness order book is now closed XXX:VII:MMXV

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30th July 2015 “After careful consideration I have decided to close the Daemoness order book. I think it is best for myself, my team and the brand to focus on our existing orders and projects – and look at developing our tools, resources and the way we work to properly handle the demand for Daemoness … Read More


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I’m developing my control cavity calligraphy with medieval illuminated manuscript elements. This is the first tme I’ve used gold leaf – but definitely not the last. More coming soon. 

August updates

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Just a August update to say that the current batch of builds are going through the lacquering process imminently. There are some great concepts in the batch and I am looking forward to getting them out into the world. There are still some updates to do on the site, which will hopefully be completed in … Read More

New batch..

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I am currently finishing a batch of 8 guitars and starting another. Their will be some real “concept” axes in this batch. For example – the “Kingslayer” Cimmerian, a Zombie themed Cimmerian, multiscale sevenstrings and a nice Ancient Egyptian themed guitar. Hopefully I’ll have enough space in the control cavities for some matching calligraphy.

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The stock Cimmerian 7 auction has started. You can view the demo here.. ..and view the eBay auction here.. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Daemoness-Cimmerian-7-stock-build-guitar-WORLD-EDGE-STORM-Mint-/121302570572?pt=UK_Musical_Instruments_Guitars_CV&hash=item1c3e32564c

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Due to multiple enquiries we will be listing a Cimmerian seven string stock build on eBay this weekend (the 22nd). The guitar is brand new and in mint condition. The specs are – mahogany body, rock maple neck, BKP Nailbomb pickups, Hipshot hardware, ebony fingerboard, JD extra jumbo frets and Spectrum finishes “SnowKiss” lacquer. The … Read More