Daemoness Guitars Video Log – 01

January 6, 2016By joevlog

This video log series is about Metal Guitars, Metal luthiery, Metal guitar playing, Metal philosophy, Metal albums and Metal shows. This series is made by Metallers, for Metallers. Subscribe to the YouTube channel for more. www.youtube.com/daemonessguitars


December 21, 2015By dylanUncategorized

DAEMONESS VIDEO LOG TRAILER is up!!! Get ready for more Metal luthiery, Metal playing, Metal guitar technology, and savage Metal bands than you can handle – starting on the 5th of January. Subscribe to the YouTube channel at www.youtube.com/daemonessguitars Please like and share this trailer and post it around the place, that would really help … Read More


November 30, 2015By dylanUncategorized

The Chronicler is the Daemoness single cut model. Much like the classic, yet with features that make it perform like a metal guitar, through and through. More info soon…

The Daemoness order book is now closed XXX:VII:MMXV

July 30, 2015By dylanUncategorized

30th July 2015 “After careful consideration I have decided to close the Daemoness order book. I think it is best for myself, my team and the brand to focus on our existing orders and projects – and look at developing our tools, resources and the way we work to properly handle the demand for Daemoness … Read More


June 18, 2015By dylanUncategorized

I’m developing my control cavity calligraphy with medieval illuminated manuscript elements. This is the first tme I’ve used gold leaf – but definitely not the last. More coming soon.