March 23, 2014By dylanUncategorized

The stock Cimmerian 7 auction has started. You can view the demo here.. ..and view the eBay auction here..

March 17, 2014By dylanUncategorized

Due to multiple enquiries we will be listing a Cimmerian seven string stock build on eBay this weekend (the 22nd). The guitar is brand new and in mint condition. The specs are – mahogany body, rock maple neck, BKP Nailbomb pickups, Hipshot hardware, ebony fingerboard, JD extra jumbo frets and Spectrum finishes “SnowKiss” lacquer. The … Read More

March 4, 2014By joeUncategorized

Our latest batch of wood has arrived. Here is just a part of it. There is some incredible figuring in the maple tops and some very exclusive pieces of timber, such as Pink Ivory. Click on the image below for a gallery of some of the tops in stock. [ilightbox id=”46″][/ilightbox]

February 17, 2014By dylanUncategorized

This is probably the only stock Cimmerian that I will offer this year. Towards the end of March, I will be listing World Edge Storm on eBay, so all the interested parties can have their own fair shot at the axe. There will also be an info video coming soon from Adam Getgood and Joe … Read More

November 24, 2013By dylanUncategorized

Welcome to the new Daemoness guitars website. For too many years I have been running the worlds most hardcore metal guitar custom shop via Facebook – a social media website designed by the CIA for teenage girls – but no more. I’m really excited about the future, and using this site as a proper platform … Read More